Common Questions From Our Residents

If you still have an unanswered question, or are ready to sign up, feel free to reach out.

Is there a cost to enroll in The Advantage Program (TAP)?

No. TAP is totally free to participate in. TAP professionals have your back for no additional fees!

When should I enroll?

If you are even thinking about home ownership, the sooner you enroll, the better. Find out early on how much you can afford, and what you need to do to be prepared for when you are ready to buy.

What happens when I enroll?

You will be contacted by an experienced real estate agent and lender. They will educate you on the buying process and guide you through every step of the process.

What are my resident benefits?
  1. In most locations, residents may receive up to $1,295 (or more) towards closing costs. Double check with your TAP real estate agent to know exactly how much your benefits are.   
  2. Typically you’ll receive:
    • $500 when you purchase your home using a TAP preferred real estate agent.
    • $795 when you purchase your home using a TAP preferred lender.
Can I use the TAP preferred real estate agent (or lender) only? Do I have to use both to receive the benefits?

You can use both, only one of them, or even neither of them. However, you must use both TAP preferred agents and lenders in order to qualify for the full amount ($1,295 or more) towards your closing costs.

Are there times when the benefits from the real estate agent or lender are not available?
  • The TAP real estate agent incentive may not be available when:  
    • In some locations (not many) the benefit is void where prohibited. 
    • When a commission is not paid by the seller (i.e. when purchasing a home that is for sale by owner), the benefit is void.
  • The TAP lender incentive may not be available for a few types of loans. Ask your preferred lender to confirm.
Can I still participate in TAP if I move out of my community?

Yes, you can continue to work with TAP throughout the home purchase process if you choose to move out of your community.

Will I be pressured to purchase before I am ready or my lease expires?

Absolutely not! We hope that you will be a resident at your community for a long time. When you are ready, we would like to help you on your path to home ownership.

My credit isn’t the greatest.  Will I still be able to buy a home and participate in TAP?

Yes. TAP preferred lenders are able to help many buyers with little, bad, or no credit at all.